Be scam aware. We’ll never ask you for your Internet banking password, nor will we ever ask you to move money to another Easy Street account or other financial institution. If you’re ever unsure, call us back on the number published on our website. If you’re asked to open an account at another financial institution, do not proceed.

Your loan statement

Where you can find a copy.

Where can I view my loan statement?

At Easy Street, everyone gets an e-statement which you'll be able to access from Internet Banking by clicking on Accounts, then E-statements from the top menu.  Make sure you keep your email address up to date so you can be notified when it is ready to view and download from Internet Banking. You can also view transaction history on your loan from Internet Banking and mobile banking.

What will my loan statement tell me?

A benefit of e-statements is that you never have to lose a statement again because you'll have your statement history available within Internet Banking. Your statement can tell you a range of things about your loan including:

  • The account number for your loan
  • Debits made to your loan such as interest and redraw
  • Credits to your loan such as repayments
  • The balance owing on your loan, along with your offset (if you have one)

Need a hand?

For help managing your loan, reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members - we're here to make the process easy.