Loans, savings and more

You can use our free online calculators to work out what-if scenarios for your everyday banking, loans and budgeting.

Expense planner

Enter and compare your income and expenses weekly, fortnightly or monthly to help with budgeting.

Personal loan

See what your repayments will be for a given amount and term for a range of Easy Street personal loans.

Loan repayments

Calculate the repayments for a given amount and term on a range of different Easy Street home loans.

Extra repayments

See how much time and money you could save by making extra repayments on your loan. 

Income tax

Using our income tax calculator, you can calculate your tax and net (after tax) income from your annual income according to current tax thresholds.

Deposit planner

Whether you're parking your spare cash in a savings account or a term deposit, work out how much you could save over different terms and by making extra repayments.

Loan comparison

See how much you could save by comparing different Easy Street home loans.

Stamp duty

Work out how much stamp duty will be payable on a given amount in any Australian state or territory.

Compare credit cards

See how much you could save by comparing our low rate credit card range to your existing card.

This is an estimate for illustrative purposes only and is based on the limited information provided. It does not constitute an offer of credit. To apply for an Easy Street Loan or Credit Card you must complete an application. Credit eligibility criteria, terms & conditions, fees & charges apply.