Be scam aware. We’ll never ask you for your Internet banking password, nor will we ever ask you to move money to another Easy Street account or other financial institution. If you’re ever unsure, call us back on the number published on our website. If you’re asked to open an account at another financial institution, do not proceed.

Financial support -

Getting the help you need

Help is available if you need it - here's what you need to know.

A helping hand when managing your money gets too much

People can find themselves experiencing financial difficulty for a range of reasons and it can leave both families and individuals feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of control.

From natural disaster, illness and job loss, to relationship breakdown, family violence and mental health, financial stress can have many causes. It’s important to get the help you need.

Help is available

If you’re struggling to keep up with bills, loan repayments or other commitments, the earlier you seek help the better.

For assistance managing your Easy Street loan

We encourage you to reach out to us early and let us know about your situation. We can then work through options together that may work better for you.

Available counselling services

For assistance managing multiple debts and/or commitments, including across different providers, you could benefit from a financial counsellor who could assist you with your overall financial circumstances. A number of free, confidential counselling services exist who can help.

What does a financial counsellor do?

Financial counsellors are specially trained to help people struggling to manage their bills and debts. They can help with: 

+ Reviewing your situation
+ Guidance to help you pay bills
+ Negotiate with a range of organisations that maybe chasing you for money
+ Assist with dealing with debt collectors
+ Refer you to other services that could benefit you

For more information on financial counsellors go to

We don’t recommend you use debt management firms who claim they can fix bad credit reports or obtain debt waivers for a fee. After all, they are for-profit businesses so the service will come at a cost. Instead, we encourage you to utilise free, reputable financial counselling services such as the ones listed above.