You will be required to set up a stronger password the next time you login to Internet Banking. If you’ve already done this, you won’t need to do it again. One Time Passwords will also be mandatory in order to continue to have full access to all Internet Banking features – please contact us to register your mobile if we don’t have yours yet.


Understanding how it works

PayPal is an online service that enables you to buy and pay for things online, as well as send and request money to and from others. It's important to understand how it works, particularly how different time zones can affect your transactions.

How does it work?

When you set up a PayPal account, you link it to your Easy Street account or credit card so that each time you make a purchase, all you need to do is enter your user details, and the transaction is automatically made from either available funds in your PayPal account, or via a payment from your linked Easy Street bank account or credit card.


What you need to know when making international transactions

As PayPal is regional, you may find that payment processing time-frames differ from one country to another. This is because different countries operate on different time zones, such as America who are one day behind Australia. 
PayPal assume that there is available funds in your account or credit card whenever a payment is initiated; otherwise, this may result in overdrawn fees.
This means that when making deposits to your linked accounts to allow for PayPal purchases, you should ensure that you have enough funds available at least 2 days prior to making a PayPal purchase to avoid any dishonour fees that could result from differences in payment processing times.
As an additional reminder, when you go to make a payment via PayPal, you will be notified of the following:
"If you select your Nominated Bank Account and we are notified by your bank that it does not have a sufficient balance to fund the transaction, you authorise us to and we will subsequently fund the transaction through your Nominated Card. You may be charged a dishonour fee by your bank for having insufficient funds."
PayPal’s terms and conditions and payment processing timeframes are applicable to Easy Street members who choose to use PayPal.