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Product API

Our product API enables third parties to access information about Easy Street’s products, such as interest rates, fees, features, eligibility and other general information in a machine readable format

You may see this product information when using a product comparison website.

How does it work?

The API has been developed in accordance with the Australian Government legislation for Consumer Data Standards. Developers should review this information for relevant API specifications.

• The responses must be developed in accordance with these standards.
• The API is public and does not need authentication.
• The mandatory inputs needed to generate the API have been provided below.
• They can be accessed by HTTP/Get in REST API format.

Which products are available?

The API currently covers the following products for individuals and businesses:
• Transaction accounts
• Savings accounts
• Term deposits
• Credit cards and overdrafts
• Personal loans
• Home loans
• Business loans

Data for other products will be added over time in accordance with the Consumer Data Right Legislation. Product information such as interest rates, fees, features, eligibility and other general information may change over time without notice. Please direct your end users to for current product details. Community First is not liable for how this information is displayed by data recipients once such data has been provided.

Product API 
This API provides information on all our available products:

Product Details API

This API provides information such as eligibility, fees, Interest rates, features and other basic details on a specific product.{productID}

Need to report an issue?

If you are experiencing any difficulties with the API, please email openbankingapi(at) with the details.
Known issues
If there are any known issues with this API, they will be displayed below.